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Members Only Training

BNI Members have access to professional training sessions and a series of business growth publications.

Training sessions and workshops are free although there is a nominal venue charge of around RM25-50 when food/refreshment is provided.  These are held both at various locations across the region.

Each training session or workshop lasts between three and five hours. They are scheduled very regularly and can be designed to meet certain individual chapter or role need.
BNIConnect for Leadership
This session is meant for new Membership Co-ordinators, Secretary/Treasurers in a new Leadership Team term, to learn how to operate BNIConnect.
Business Networking 4-in-One Skills Program
This program combines the four essential elements in successful business networking in BNI: 1. 60-seconds Sales Manager Presentation 2. 10-minutes Business Showcase Presentation 3. Conducting effective 1-2-1s 4. Lets BRAG!
Effective One-to-ones
This event is to enable members to conduct One-to-ones effectively.
Effective Power Teams
Learn methods on how to run Power Teams effectively to enhance the quality of referrals being exchanged. Also learn how to implement effective dynamics within a Power Team to attract visitors into your Chapter meetings.
Focus Business Alliance Groups
This program is designed to enable all members to systematically develop referrals for every category of business in their respective Chapters
International Networking Week
Programs from various Regions to mark the event normally held every first full working week in February each year.
Joint Visitor Day
This is the BNI Joint Visitor Day
Leadership Team Forum
This forum is to enable all LTs from Chapters to plan for your Chapter growth by adapting powerful strategies shared by successful Chapters and Regions across the world.
Leadership Team Training
This is the BNI Leadership Team Training
Member Personal Goal Setting
To assist members to identify what their personal goals and expectations are. Evaluate what can be achieved from BNI given the allocated resources, time and money? Evaluate personal skills and explore potential of growth.
Member Success Program
This workshop was completely revamped in June 2009 and existing members will benefit greatly from re-attending. All new members must attend this session with 60 days of joining.
Members Education Session
This will consist of various topics of interest to be discussed for the benefit of members and their Chapters.
Mentoring Co-ordinators Session
This program is to bring all Mentoring Co-ordinators to speed on how to execute their roles effectively.
Mentoring Session for BNI members
This is a mentoring session for all BNI members in a group setting where a mentor/mentee pair can conduct their mentoring program.
Power Team Dynamics and Matching
Power Team Dynamics and Business Matching for added business exposure and networking.
Presentation Skills Program
A program designed to enable members to effectively construct a series of presentations that will yield to results!
President's Club
This is a monthly meeting for all Chapter Presidents to meet and discuss successes and challenges to be shared with other Chapters. Exclusively for current and past Chapter Presidents only.
Referrals Generation skills
Learn how to identify potential referrals for your colleagues in your Chapter by increasing your personal level of alertness in your daily interactions with your contacts. Also learn how to increase the quality of your referrals that you are giving and receiving.
Visitor Host Advanced Session
Learn the art of conversations and host your visitors in a classy way that inspires them to participate in your Chapter.
Visitor Hosting Skills
Learn the art of visitor hosting and some advanced conversations with visitors to inspire them to participate in your BNI Chapter as members.
Working the BNI System Effectively
This program is designed to educate all BNI members on how to use the BNI system effectively to grow their businesses with good teamplayer attitudes and understanding key fundamentals that make BNI work so well in anyone's business.